The Frank lab in September gathered with friends to celebrate two major milestones: The publication of its first, lab-only paper in Chemical Science, and Xander’s career advancement, with a promotion to senior research assistant.

Frank lab and friends enjoyed pizza and beer on a sunny fall evening.

The paper, led by research from Frank lab graduate student Janelle Tobias, was initially accepted by the journal this summer. In response to reviewers’ suggested revisions, lab members rallied around the goal of getting Janelle’s paper published by fall. With team work, the lab was successful, and learned in mid-September that the final paper was accepted.

“Janelle put in a tremendous amount of dedication and work to drive this paper—her first as a graduate student,” Dr. Frank said. “I’m proud of her hard work and leadership, and proud of the entire lab for their support and exceptional work.”

As the first two members of the Frank lab, Xander and Janelle represent the core of our group!

As the first employee with the Frank lab when it started three years ago, Xander is the backbone of lab operations. In recognition of his role key player in the lab, Dr. Frank was thrilled to announce Xander’s well-earned promotion.

“I would truly be lost without Xander,” Dr. Frank said. “I’m so pleased to recognize his contributions, and look forward to watching him continue to grow in the lab.”

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