The Frank lab is growing and looking to hire new positions:

We’re seeking an energetic Postdoctoral Researcher with a background in chemical biology, physiology, or biochemistry to work on a project using novel chemical tools to interrogate the effects of endocannabinoid signaling and metabolism on pancreatic β-cell function. An ideal candidate will be experienced in cell/tissue culture, whole-cell patch clamp electrophysiology, and/or live-cell fluorescence imaging.

We’re seeking a Research Assistant at the RA2 or Senior Research Assistant level to work on the synthesis of light-activatable endocannabinoid ligands. An ideal candidate will have a BSc. or M.Sc. in organic chemistry or chemical biology; and is familiar with standard organic synthetic techniques including reaction setup/monitoring, workup, column chromatography, HPLC, and structural analysis by NMR.

We recognize that diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives are essential for advancements in our field; therefore, candidates from underrepresented communities are especially encouraged to apply to join our lab, where a culture of cooperation, rigor, and respect is valued.

To apply, send CV and cover letter to: